Saturday, 3 December 2011


so i giv rick head last nite and swallowed it. fuckin weird i know but hey it was fun lol x

Saturday, 25 September 2010

not much to say lately!

this blog has bin turnin into a list of my conquests, so that must be why there's fuk all on it! so just to let you know, ive spent most evenins wankin myself off for the last couple of months. only mentioned it cos i wanked rick off last nite. x

Monday, 9 August 2010

jody's lil brother

so i've just cum two loads up jody's little brother's bum! he's only 16 and he's got the nicest arse youd ever see. he's proper chavvy but as soon as he gets a drop of drink anywhere near him he turns into a proper randy fella. i was a bit pissed tonight too so i cant remember who started feelin who up first, but i didn't need to persuade him to go on the bottom he was proper beggin for it. he's gone home now but he said he mite sneak out later. fingers crossed eh!!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Me Rick and Jody

I know its bin a wile but im a borin fucker wiv nothin much to talk about! but last nite was fuckin awesome. monday nites are always shit usually just end up havin a few tins and a wank ;-) but last nite me and rick went to jodys for a few drinks. we watched xmen (fuckin shite) n had a bottle of vodka between us so we were propa shitfaced wen it finished. we turn over n theres this show on about strippers n there showin people how to do a proper strip. neway theres no tits or nothin so jody gets mouthy, sayin they dont know ho to strip proper! rick tells her to show us if she knows so much abt strippin. jody is a proper slut wen shes drunk so she gets up and puts rihanna on proper loud n starts dancin for us. shes a fuckin well good dancer movin her body well nice, shakin her arse in front of us. me n rick are gettin proper massive hardons. but she fuckin keeps goin!! she took her top of well slow, and comes over to me. she grabs my hands and puts them on her jeans button. i undid the button n she threw her hair back and started unzippin her jeans. she turns round and pulled them off her. so she keeps dancin in her underwear and goes over to the window. theres some lads watchin and wistlin at her so she winks and closes the curtins.

so she keeps dancin and comes over to me and starts rubbin my cock with one hand and ricks cock with her other hand. then she gets on top of me and starts rubbin herself agenst my cock. wile shes doin this rick goes and takes off his tshirt and trackies. hes got this massive hardon stickin out of his boxers so she reaches over and grabs it. then she gives me a fuckin massive snog. wen she let go she stood up and pulled my boxers off and took her nickers off. then she got back on me and my dick slid in well easy cos she was proper up for it. she started bouncin up and down and i was proper feelin her arse up. she was still wankin rick off while i woz fuckin her n she told me to let her know wen i was gonna cum. it wasnt long so i told her n she went faster! i cummed loads into her n she started snoggin me agen. she let go and got up off me. i cud see my cum on her as she went over to rick and got on top of him. his dick slid in well easy too n she started bouncin on him. it took him about a minute to cum, n he proper filled her up! i got a pic on my fone, its well gud! after that she got up off rick and sat in between us. she sed thats how you fuckin strip!!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Last night

So i fucked rick last night!! we'd gon out for a laff and it was the shittest nite ever. we'd bin dancin for ages wiv these 2 fit as fuk birds, proper leadin us on like. got to leavin and they sed they had boyfrends and fuckd off. so me and rick are standin there pissed wiv no birds and club is closin so i text jody but shes got mark over, probably gettin her brains fucked out. so rick n me went to my place for a few more drinks. we had half a bottle of vodka n rick asks me if i wanna do a double wank. we've done this loadsa times since we were at school. i got on the sofa next to rick and pulled my pants down like him. drink must have done summat 2 me cos i told rick i wanted 2 fuck him. he sed alright if he gets to hav a go on me after. so we fucked each other on the sofa. dont remember that much exept that it was fuckin tite!!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Drunk Jody!

Sorry its been a while, bored as shit lately, but got to tell you what happened last night! so I'm hangin around on my bill down ashton market last night about 8ish and i get a call from jody. she sounds well pissed and tells me to come to hers, cos she's all on her own and bored. i get there and her front door is open, so i go in. she shouts for me to come upstairs. when i go up, she's there on the landing in a t shirt and knickers with a bottle of bacardi in her hand. she grabs me by my trackies and pulls my toward her and gives me a massive snog. i was rock hard in about ten seconds. she gives me another one and this time I grab her arse and stick my fingers between her legs. i picked her up by her arse and took her into her bedroom. when i got to her bed, i put her down, turned her round, bent her forwards and pulled her knickers down. as i was getting my cock out she took her t shirt off and threw it back at me. she was wet as fuck, my cock slid in well easy. i fucked her well hard, took me about a minute to cum and she let me cum inside her. when i pulled out she lay on the bed and pulled me onto the bed with her. she gave me the biggest snog ever, then took my shirt off. i was hard again ina minute. she got up, and stood leaning forward at the edge of the bed again like before. she said "come on, again" so i jumped up and got behind her. i put my cock in and started to fuck her really hard again. this time she was really pushing back against me. it took me about five minutes to cum this time. when id finished this time she lay on the bed and pulled me onto the bed again. she was lying with her legs open and her eyes closed. it looked like she was going to sleep. i sucked her tits for a bit and gave her a snog, then fell asleep next to her. when i woke up in the morning she'd gone. she sent me a text this morning "fucking hangover! was i any good?". well good

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Rififi again!

I thought i'd have more to rite about than just rififi but its bin a shite week! it was shagtag this week just me and rick went. shit nite, nobody up for owt so we went early and started walkin home. we both went round to ricks and had a dozen tins. we were well smashed, ended up gettin off wiv rick! fuckin never saw that coming! woke up wiv him both of us naked. i think we wanked each other off cos we'd both cum, but that's all i know! shud stop gettin so drunk